Art of Devaud

Hidden Title

Hidden Title (2015)

Pigment and isinglass and collage with stainless steel rod on Hanakami paper

140 × 130 cm
55 × 51 in

A subtle sequence of four seasons in the Hunsr├╝ck-Hochwald national park, which is still under development.

The actual papermaking with floating sieves in water from the area of the Hochwald spring above Rinzenberg began in February 2014, leaving out the fiber in the red text window and incorporating the steel rod.

When nature woke up and the first leaves unfolded on the highest elevation of Wehlenstein (Wehlen = blueberries) – Rinzenberg’s local mountain – spring was painted with hand-mixed, lightfast pigments. In a spontaneous outburst the expensive cobalt yellow was thrown on the paper – a symbol for the unfinished – afterwards it presented itself as a jumping horse! Chinese proverb: “Spring is like a fast horse.” Philos (gr. Friend), Hippos (gr. Horse), Philippe = friend of horses.

In the following winter, after the first heavy snow fell and all the photos were finished in February 2015, a second round of papermaking began. The Summer, Fall and Winter photos are surrounded by mulberry tree fiber now.