Art of Devaud

Reaper II - Postheroic Society

Reaper II - Postheroic Society (2014)

Pigment and isinglass on Hanakami paper

180 × 280 cm, 71 × 110 in

The backstory of this painting is a dramatic experience of the artist in October 2010, when he was stabbed in Morocco on the beach of Casablanca during a robbery attack by an impoverished criminal and survived only with luck and without serious consequences.

Shortly after, in Tunisia on December 17th 2010 and in Morocco on February 20th 2011, the Arab Spring began!

Questions arise about today’s society which are not easy to answer. For example: While the population of the rich Western countries is declining, is it right to take extreme action with ever more sophisticated remote-controlled observers and weapons against poorer countries who are the losers of modernization?