Art of Devaud


Kasumi (2004)

The symbiosis of glass, paper and water
Anonymous invitation-only competition 1st place

Photo: Reiner Drumm

The work of art “Kasumi” (japanese for to recognise in light mist) comprises four laminated sheets of glass (93,2 × 57,6 × 1,32 in) in which the artist has laminated freely poured Hanakami paper. They are displayed in an open wing shaped square.

From 48 mist nozzles, which are to be found in the middle of this work of art rise in intervals, depending on the outside temperature, different quantities of mist between the glass. With the mist the Hanakami paper changes its appearance from light to dark and reverse.

Kasumi is a pure atmosphere. Inexhaustibly looking for shape, the Kasumi presents itself as the symbiosis of paper and water. Solidness and softness find one another in a subtle happening and produce a lively, dynamic and from time to time a shapeless installation, which presents itself to the observer in such a way that it can be individually interpreted again and again: Kasumi regenerates itself in a new way every second, shows transitoriness and creation in a constant repetitive creative process. Kasumi is in the sense of Umberto Eccos an open work of art.
Together with Dirk Hebel, Dipl. Architect ETH, March Princeton University, architect in charge for the spectacular mist installation “Blur” at the Expo 02 in Yverdon, Switzerland, Philippe Devaud won the competition “Art in Architecture” in the framework of the construction of the education building for the Elisabeth Foundation in Birkenfeld, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.