Art of Devaud

Attenuation of sensuality?

Attenuation of sensuality? (2016)

Pigment and isinglass on Hanakami paper

280 × 180 cm
110 × 71 in

Inspired by the book: Book on the Etiquette of Marriage, author: Prof. Al-Ghazali *1058 ✝1111, 2nd edition 2016, translated from the Arabic and explained by Hans Bauer (1917)

Further inspired by the archaeologist and musician Prof. Dr. Sabine Hornung and her book “Siedlung und Bevölkerung in Ostgallien zwischen Gallischem Krieg und der Festigung der römischen Herrschaft”, ISBN 978-3-8053-5050-1

After the dispute, hope is necessary in the relationship between the orient and the occident.